Penn State NROTC Ship Store

Frequently Asked Questions

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What do the profits from the Penn State NROTC Gear sale fund?

All profits from the sale of Penn State NROTC gear will go towards funding the many events that our Battalion is involved in. These events range from leadership conferences and educational trips to Birthday Balls and Military Excellence Competitions. By purchasing any gear from this midshipmen-run website, you are supporting the Penn State NROTC Battalion are all purchases are greatly appreciated. 

Who is in charge of the Penn State NROTC Gear online store?

The Penn State NROTC Gear online store is a midshipmen-run initiative to raise funds for many Battalion events. It is run by the midshipmen on the Battalion Staff, with additional help from many other midshipmen and advising officers. 

Where can I find more information on Penn State's NROTC program?

For more information on Navy ROTC at Penn State, please visit our official website by clicking HERE.