Penn State NROTC Ship Store

Penn State Naval ROTC boasts one of the largest Midshipman Battalions in the country. All Battalion activities are organized by students, who are a part of an organizational hierarchy that simulates shipboard organization.

Midshipmen in the Naval ROTC Battalion are also heavily involved in all aspects of student life. Many take part in Penn State’s large Greek community and its thriving intramural sports scene, as well as THON, the largest student run philanthropy in the world. Penn State, as one of the largest universities in the United States, offers something for everyone, and NROTC Battalion members fully take advantage of the diverse opportunities available here.

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Professional Development

Penn State Naval ROTC students also have opportunities for professional development as a part of the military curriculum. In addition to their classes, students attend a Leadership Lab session and physical training workouts every week. Each summer, scholarship midshipmen undergo training, called “Cruise,” at locations with units throughout the Fleet.

Community Outreach

Naval ROTC Battalion midshipmen are future officers, students, and community members dedicated to service. During their time at Penn State, they exhibit this dedication through the many philanthropic and community service opportunities the area offers. PSU midshipmen give back to the community throughout the year and fill the ranks of many notable philanthropic organizations on campus. Battalion members represent the Navy and Marine Corps with pride in all of their activities, and local service organizations benefit immensely from their dedication, enthusiasm, and effort. 

Gear Sale

All profits generated from the Penn State Naval ROTC gear sale will be used to fund the many activities that the Battalion is involved in each year. These activities range from leadership conferences and educational trips to Birthday Balls and Military Excellence Competitions. By purchasing any gear from this midshipman-run website, you are supporting the Penn State Naval ROTC Battalion. All purchases are greatly appreciated.